Metal Detectors

With increased food safety requirements across the globe we at MCS Industries (PTY) Ltd strive to stay on top of the latest foreign object detection technology.

MCS Industries (PTY) Ltd are proud partners and sole distributors for Cassel Messtechnik in Africa, bringing you the latest technology in foreign object detection offering you a wide range of metal detectors to suite your product requirements.

All apertures in our metal detection system are enclosed in a 100% stainless steel housing, with an IP67 rating and is available in various sizes to accommodate our clients detection requirements.

Cassel’s METAL SHARK® 2 has multi frequency, computer controlled and auto setup within seconds to perfectly suit the current product. The Digital Signal Processor auto selects the best frequency out from a library of >200 frequencies.

The METAL SHARK® 2 has the revolutionary new 4-quadrant technology, for very stability and high sensitivity along with product effects. The four quadrant technology is the latest in metal detection and delivers outstanding performance along with exceptional ease of use and consistent, reliable detection.